The Consultation

The aim of Homeopathic consultation is to individualize each patient. Homeopathy aims to treat each particular sick individual holistically. In order to understand the sick man as a whole , we need to understand about his will, intellect, morals, emotions, stressful events in life and his reaction to them, probable causative factors of disease ( mental or physical) , his physical reactions to environment around and of course exact details of disease itself.So during a homeopathic consultation all this information is required to understand the complete picture of disease and find an exactmedicine.

The consultation usually takes about an hour and strives to seek
• that which is most individual in the patient
• that point of change where the vital force was disturbed or changed (aetiology-ailments since/from)

• 1st consultation including iridology – For adults and children over 6years (1hour) – R970
• 1st consultation excluding iridology – Children under 16years (1/2 hour) R 570
• Iridology consultation only – (1/2 hour) R570
• Follow-up consultations – (1/2 hour) R400


The Prescription

Remedies are prescribed following the consultation meeting.These remedies will be given in either tablet, pillule, liquid or powdered form.

The Follow-Up

The first follow-up consultation will usually be around four weeks after the first prescription, although in some cases it may be sooner. During this session, a series of questions are asked to the patient about changes that have occurred since beginning treatment, before deciding on the next course of treatment.

The number of consultations needed is difficult to predict, and depends on a number of factors. such as the age of the patient, how long the symptoms have been going on, and their individual response to the prescription.